Heather Krill and Jen Whitcher

    High School English Teachers



    We decided to share our webpage this year as so many of our classes, learning activities and resources overlap.  This should make it easier for students to transition from one year to the next in terms of accessing what you need to feel to be successful when you are working from home. 
    The schedule may take some adjustment, but we will do our best to post assignments, necessary handouts, etc to this page regularly.  Please speak to us during class or send us an email from home if you need to set up a time for extra help, or if you are just interested in learning more about what else you can do to be proactive about developing your reading, writing, speaking and researching skills.  
    Parents: Thank you for your support on the home front.  Please email us or call anytime during the day using our new and exciting phone system.  Krill's extension is 276 and Whitcher's is 279.  We will respond within 24 hours!  
    One big change in the English department due to having yearlong classes is that you will not have a vocabulary quiz or current event due every week!  We will begin a rotation between quizzes and current events discussions.
    Look for your assignments first on our classroom whiteboard or chalkboard!  
    Good luck!  We are happy to have you spend time in our classrooms learning as much as you can!  
    Mrs. Krill and Mrs. Whitcher